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Special Session!

Great bipartisan work today by the Utah State Legislature. 

1-After SO MUCH cynicism about how the Utah legislature would supposedly cut and slash education budgets.... Turns out we will be fully funding growth AND increasing the WPU (the State’s education funding mechanism). These are hard times, but republicans and democrats (unanimously) voted for and spoke in favor of the new budget and how we prioritized public education. 

2- Due to years of fiscal responsibility, we were able to dip into rainy day funds to not only increase public education funding, but also to prioritize crucial social services. This all during a time of historic economic revenue decreases. 

3- We also overwhelmingly passed great policy bills that had the buy-in from all the stakeholders. Thanks to everyone for your support. Today we got lots accomplished.…/lawmakers-tackle-police-restraint-budg…/


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