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November 2019 Legislative Highlights!

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season. Thanks again for your support and for contacting me regarding any issue you would like to discuss.  

Interim Sessions

Following the completion of the general legislative Session begins the off-season, or "Interim" Session.  Once a month we meet in committees comprised of both House and Senate members and begin to craft and discuss proposed legislation for the 2020 general session.  Our last Interim Session was on November 20. This was our last Interim session before the general session begins in January 2020.

Items Discussed During the November Interim Session

  • There was bipartisan opposition on Interim day to an attempt to introduce new state rules regulating the use of facial recognition technology. [DNews] [Trib]
  • Nearly 2,500 Utahns commented on the proposed rule prohibiting “conversion therapy” on minors and less than 5% opposed the measure. [Trib] (also - see below regarding the latest regarding conversion therapy)
  • Under the first in a series of bills Utah lawmakers will consider to address underage e-cigarette use, school administrators would be able to take and destroy students’ vaping devices. [DNews]
  • Legislators still have questions about what has been done to enhance campus safety at colleges and universities since Lauren McCluskey’s murder. [DNews]
  • Received comments from the Layton City Attorney’s Office on the effectiveness of current stalking statutes.
  • Received requested data from the Attorney General's Office regarding child support payments by parents who fail to pay court-ordered child support.
  • See a summary of all issues discussed here
Other Items

  • Rep. Hall's 2019 Legislative Accomplishments
Happy to report I had a productive Session in 2019. Thanks so much to the wonderful residents of District 33 for letting me represent you at the Capitol.

  • West Valley Veterans Day Program
Had the amazing opportunity tonight to participate in the West Valley Veterans Day program! 
The highlight was hearing from each of the veterans for about 30 seconds each. They introduced themselves, their branch and years of service. We even heard a few amazing wartime experiences. Such diversity and depth to their service. We had all types of service, from WW2 to recently-returned veterans!

Thanks to the City for putting on this amazing program. It’s a highlight every year!

  • Conversion Therapy Ban Advances

On Tuesday, November 26, the Governor announced that a plan has been developed that will prohibit conversion therapy for minors throughout the State. You may recall that I sponsored a bill in the 2019 session to accomplish the same. My 2019 bill did not pass during the Session. However, after much discussion between the stakeholders throughout the State, the Proposed Rule to prohibit conversion therapy will essentially track the language of my bill.

I am sooooo thrilled with this development. We are well on our way to banning conversion therapy for minors in Utah once and for all. Thanks so much to the Governor, and to the many stakeholders who came together to support this proposal. 

  • Oliver at Granger High School

Oliver at Granger High School! Thanks to everyone who help out on this great production. Amazing job Lancers!

  • The Issue of Adult Autism

Took a tour last week of this wonderful facility! In Utah, we have multiple treatment options for children with autism. However, those wonderful autistic children eventually all grow up. And the treatment options for those with autism over 21 years of age are virtually non-existent. 
I’ll be working with others throughout the State this upcoming legislative session to help alleviate this problem.

  • Cub Scouts at the Capitol!

Thanks to this Cub Scout den that visited the Capitol earlier this month. If you, or your group, would like a "behind-the-scenes" tour at the Capitol, let me know and we'll make it happen. Thanks!

Visit from Public Officials from the Democratic Republic of Congo

One of my legislative assignments includes being a member of the Utah Judicial Conduct Commission. Our Commission reviews complaints against judges throughout the State and makes recommendations to the Utah Supreme Court for possible discipline. 

In early November, we had the opportunity to talk with a group of public officials from the Democratic Republic of Congo who traveled to Utah to learn more about our State government, including how we handle judicial complaints and discipline. 

Great discussion (in French!) and thanks for coming!

Summary of the 2019 Regular Session

For those interested, the legislative staff has put together some good summaries of what was accomplished during the last Legislative Session:   Read all of my previous email newsletters here:

Thanks again for all your support.  My contact information is as follows. Feel free to contact me regarding any issue.

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Cell phone: (801) 573-1774

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