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July 2013 Legislative Highlights

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July Interim Session / Special Session

The Regular Legislative Session lasted from January 28 - March 14, 2013.  After March 14, all legislators (including me) went back to their regular lives and jobs for the rest of the year.  We do meet in "interim sessions," which happen one day a month, to discuss possible bills, to study issues, and to recommend bills to the Senate or House for consideration.  Our latest Interim Session was this last Wednesday, July 17.  This Interim Session was somewhat unique because we also had a Special Session called by the Governor on that same day.

Status of the Attorney General Investigation

As most of you have heard, the House of Representatives has made a decision to formally investigate Utah Attorney General.  As was reported here (Deseret News) and here (ABC4) and here (Daily Herald) and here (Utah Policy) and here (Salt Lake Tribune), the Utah Legislature passed several bills on Wednesday aimed at aiding the nine-member special House investigatory committee on Attorney General John Swallow.  I look forward to the Committee's work, and am eager to find out the real facts relating to this situation.

Other items discussed by the Legislature during the Interim Session included:

  • The transfer of retail liquor licenses issued by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
  • State sovereignty and federal preemption issues
  • Economic tools and strategies that advance manufacturing in the State of Utah
  • Campaign contribution limitations - Story here and here.  
  • Public education system goals and objectives - See Presentation and goals here.
  • Preparing Utah's future workforce, including workers trained in science, math and engineering.
  • Fees for the State's 911 systems
  • Utah Department of Corrections report on prison capacity - See report here.
  • Considered a proposal by Alzheimer's advocates to enact The High Quality Dementia Care Act, which calls for appropriations to improve the availability of treatment services for persons with Alzheimer's disease.
  • Protecting tenants that are renting a house that is being foreclosed upon. - Presentation here.
  • Report from the Utah Dept. of Transportation on its administration of towing laws and administrative rules and the setting of maximum towing rates. - See report here.
  • The repeal of a bill that would limit BLM rangers and other federal employees from enforcing state laws. - Story here and here.
  • Received a presentation on draft legislation which would provide for a political subdivision to pay a defendant's court costs if a defendant prevails on an appeal for a violation of an ordinance.
  • Possible revisions to the guardian ad litem system
  • Humane treatment, slaughter, and disposal of domestic horses. - Story here.
  • Review and possible changes to the Utah eminent domain system. - Presentation here.
  • Presentation from the Wasatch Choice for 2040's vision for growth and development along the Wasatch Front by the year 2040. - Presentation here.
  • Rural Telephone Company Competitiveness
  • Utah Transit Authority Operations and Funding - Story here.
Here is a photo from the Special Session on July 17.  

Summary of the 2013 Regular Session

For those interested, the legislative staff has put together some good summaries of what was accomplished during the Legislative Session:  
Read all of my previous email newsletters here:

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