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April 2015 Legislative Highlights

April 2015 Legislative Highlights

Thank you!

Thanks again for all your support.  I truly appreciate all the emails, phone calls, returned surveys, Facebook comments, mail, and any other way that you are able to reach out to me. Again, feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions, concerns, complaints or comments.  All of my contact information is at the bottom of this email.  
Interim Session

Following the completion of the general legislative Session begins the off-season, or "Interim" Session.  Once a month we meet in committees comprised of both House and Senate members and begin to craft and discuss proposed legislation for the 2016 session and other issues on the Master Study list.  Over this interim period I will be serving on the Judiciary and Health and Human Services Interim Committees.  Our first Interim Session will be on May 20, 2015. Here's the schedule if you're interested:

If you have issues or concerns please contact me.  I am already working on several pieces of potential legislation with constituents for the 2016 session and would love to hear from you.
Other items
  • Rep. Hall's Campaign Finance Reform / Election Law Legislation
As you may recall, this last Session, I was the chief sponsor of two campaign finance/election law bills.  These two bills made Utah's laws better in a way that provide both clarity for the candidates and increased transparency for the voters.  The Governor did a ceremonial bill signing two weeks ago recognizing my efforts. Thanks to all who helped with the bills. 

  • Utah Legislature Service Project for Hillsdale Elementary
Every year the Utah Legislature and their spouses do a service project. This year we bought and collected about 900 children's books and donated them to Hillsdale Elementary, an elementary school in our District. Earlier this month we delivered the books! Thanks to Principal Wharton (upper left in photo) for helping us put this together. The kids were very excited. Elsa and Anna also made a guest appearance!

  • 50-year Celebration / Open House at West Lake Junior High School
On Wednesday, West Lake Junior High School held an open house to celebrate 50 years since its opening.  That's right.... It opened for the 1964-65 school year.  They had a great slide show, 50 years-worth of yearbooks, student-body officer sweaters through the years, trophies, etc. Thanks to all those who attended and made this a great event! Just to clarify, that is a West Lake "Mustang" hanging out with me in the upper-left photo. :)

  • Former Governor Norm Bangerter
Former Gov. Norm Bangerter passed away on April 14th.  Many of you know how much he meant to the Granger/West Valley community.  He served as a member of the Utah House of Representatives (1975-1985), as Speaker of the House (1981-1985), and as Utah's Governor (1985-1993).  He was a wonderful man and public servant.  Condolences to his family and may he rest in peace. 


Summary of the 2015 Regular Session

For those interested, the legislative staff has put together some good summaries of what was accomplished during the Legislative Session:   Read all of my previous email newsletters here:

Thanks again for all your support.  My contact information is as follows. Feel free to contact me regarding any issue.

Legislative email:
Personal email:
Cell phone: (801) 573-1774

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