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2018 Legislature - Week 6 Summary!

Week 6 of the 2018 General Session of the Utah State Legislature is complete.  Just four more days until we're done!  Thank you so much for all your support.  It is truly an honor to represent the great residents of District 33.  Just a few highlights from the week:

Special Events at the Capitol
  • Museum Day at the Capitol

Every year, we host "Museum Day at the Capitol." It is amazing how many fantastic museums we have throughout the State.  Thanks for coming! 
  • Students Visiting the Capitol!

It is always so great to have students visit the Capitol. Their overwhelming message is usually, "It's so much better to be here at the Capitol than in the classroom!." :)  In all seriousness, our Capitol building is amazing. Here are some photos of students from the local American Preparatory Academy.  


  • Email from Teacher within District 33
I truly appreciate the many voices of support I receive throughout the Session. Thanks so much! Here is an email I received this week from an educator within District 33.  

Thank you so much!

  • Time's Running Out!

Time for the 2018 Utah Legislative Session is running out (thank goodness). The State Constitution states that we begin each legislative session on the fourth Monday in January, and go for 45 days.  This year, the 45th day is on Thursday, March 8, at 11:59 p.m.  So, at the time of drafting this email (5:52 p.m. on March 4), there are just 4 days left. :)

2018 Legislation

This last week we continued the process of voting on non-budget bills.  Of course, you can always watch the new reports.  But the best way to track any legislation is at the Legislature's website at  Here are a few of the more interesting bills that were discussed this last week:
  • The House Business and Labor Committee unanimously approved a liquor bill Monday that could repeal a sign requirement for restaurants, create more bars in the SLC airport and allow Utah Jazz fans to carry a beer from a dining area into the arena. [Trib] [DNews] [KSL]
  • Utah lawmakers passed a resolution Monday that honors billionaire philanthropist Jon Huntsman Sr., who passed away this month. [Trib] [DNews] [ABC4]
  • The House approved stripping UTA's ability to determine how to spend sales tax in Weber and Davis counties. [Trib]
  • Tesla may soon be able to sell cars in Utah after a House panel approved a bill to allow the company to own car dealerships in the state [Tribune].
  • Lawmakers are hoping to boost the weighted pupil unit (WPU) by 4% this year, which means about $132 million for Utah's public schools. They also are looking at giving state employees a cost of living raise [Utah Policy].
  • A Senate committee advanced a bill affirming the right of women to breastfeed in public [Deseret News].
  • As the number of homeless elderly Utahns grows, state lawmakers are considering a bill that would require assisted living centers to report when they force the release of a patient. [Trib]

Visits to the Capitol!

One of our State's treasures is the State Capitol building.  And visiting during the legislative session is the best time of year to visit.  Lots of action happening every day.  I would love to give your family / school group / church group / etc. a behind-the-scenes tour of the State Capitol.  Give me a call/email and we'll make it happen. 

Rep. Hall's Legislation

I have several bills this session, here are a few:
  • HB43 - Blood Testing Amendments - PASSED! - I am the chief sponsor of this bill. Passed the House 72-0 and passed the Senate 26-0.  
This bill was prompted from the encounter we saw over the summer between a law enforcement officer and a University of Utah nurse. The bill was worked on extensively over the last several months and would require a law enforcement officer to secure a warrant before they get a blood draw. Here's an article regarding this bill:  [SLTrib]

  • HB92 - Utah Vital Statistics Act Amendment - PASSED! - I am the chief sponsor of this bill. Passed the House Health and Human Services Committee 13-0. Passed the floor of the House 74-0 and the floor of the Senate 24-0.

This was a bill brought to me by the Utah Health Department.  If an out-of-state individual dies in Utah, a Utah death certificate must be issued.  However, if that out-of-state family uses an out-of-state funeral home, there have been some difficulties getting the death certificate signed.  This bill resolves this issue.
  • HB113 - Candidate Filing Amendments - PASSED! - I am the chief sponsor of this bill. Passed the House 67-0. Passed the Senate 26-0. The bill was signed by the Governor this last week.

This bill fixes the situation we saw in the race for Congressional District 4 this last fall.  One candidate wanted to file for office, but he was in China teaching a class during the filing period.  He called the Lt. Gov's office and asked how he could file. He was told he could not file because the statute says he must file "in person."

This bill allows an individual who is out of state to file remotely through the use of a audio/video connection.  This is a no-brainer bill that provides more access to the ballot.
There are hundreds of "local government" and "limited purpose" entities (water boards, mosquito abatement boards, etc.) throughout the State. An audit this last year by the State Auditor identified several issues with these entities, including the fact that the State doesn't have a good idea on how many of these entities actually exist. 

This bill establishes a registry of such entities, and allows the state auditor to withhold certain state funds and property tax disbursements if an entity does not comply with registry requirements.
The State Constitution indicates that mentally incompetent persons cannot hold elective office. However, there is no procedure set forth in statute to remove such a person. This bill sets forth a process to remove a mentally incompetent county official from office.  Here's a photo of me presenting this bill on the floor of the House.
  • HB133 - Employment Amendments - I am the chief sponsor of this bill. Passed the House 64-0. Passed the Senate Business and Labor Committee 4-0.

This bill would expand the State's anti-nepotism laws to include household members. See story here. Should be heard by the full Senate some time this week.
Government employees who commit a crime in the course and scope of their government employment lose retirement benefits starting the inception of their crime.  Occasionally, it's not the employer who catches this conduct, but rather an investigation by law enforcement or an audit by an outside agency.  

This bill simply makes clear that the outside agency can notify the Utah Retirement System of the employee conduct and participate in any further investigations.
In addition to the federal Constitution, the Utah Constitution protects "persons, houses, papers and effects" from unreasonable searches and seizures. My proposed constitutional amendment would specifically add the same protection for "electronic data and communications." It would simply ensure that such information is protected unless law enforcement shows probable cause and obtains a warrant.

Town Hall Meetings!

We have held three Town Hall meetings so far this year (January 27, February 6 and February 24).  Thanks to those who attended!.  

Please return your survey!

I have mailed a survey to constituents within District 33.  The answers you provide to these survey questions are invaluable.  Please, please, please fill it out and return! (Below is a photo of some of the paper surveys that have been returned!). I am very interested in your perspectives. Your comments and thoughts are greatly appreciated.  You can also take the survey online at if you prefer that method.  Thank you so much!

Ways to Contact Representative Hall

 I make a concerted effort to reach out to all of my constituents.  For that reason, I use as many different forms of communication as possible.  Most of you have received mail from me.  I also have frequent town hall meetings (more on that above).  You can follow me online at  For even more frequent updates, you can follow me on Facebook at and/or on Twitter at  You are also welcome to call my cell phone anytime.  (801) 573-1774.  I will be in many meetings throughout the legislative session, so if I don't answer right away, feel free to leave me a message and I'll try to call back as soon as possible.  I will also be sending out regular updates via email.  Probably the quickest way to get ahold of me is by email.  My legislative email address is

Thanks for your support. Contact me anytime.

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