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2017 Legislature - Week 3 Summary!

The 2017 General Session of the Utah State Legislature is flying by. Today is Day 21 of the 45 calendar-day Session. Just 24 days left.  Thank you so much for all of your support.  It is truly an honor to represent the great residents of District 33.  Just a few highlights from the week:

Special Events at the Capitol
  • Visits from Members of Congress
Every year, Utah's members of congress visit the Utah Legislature.  Below is a photo of Congressman Stewart. Thanks to our federal delegation for the visits and letting us know what's going on in Washington D.C.
  • Bill Presentations
Over the course of the Sessions, we will vote on over 500 bills. Each of these bills will be presented on the floor of the House.  This week, I was able to a few bills to my colleagues on the floor.  

  • Visits to the Capitol!
One of our State's treasures is the State Capitol building.  And visiting during the legislative session is the best time of year to visit.  Lots of action happening every day.  I would love to give your family / school group / church group / etc. a behind-the-scenes tour of the State Capitol.  Give me a call/email and we'll make it happen. This week it was students from the West Valley campus of American Preparatory Academy. Thanks for. visiting!

2017 Legislation

This last week we continued the process of voting on non-budget bills.  Of course, you can always watch the new reports.  But the best way to track any legislation is at the Legislature's website at  Here are a few of the more interesting bills that were discussed this last week:
  • The U.'s $50 million request to replace its hospital and build new medical facilities drew concerns from lawmakers that the construction plans would not boost class sizes to help with the state's physician shortage. [Trib]
  • Utah senators unanimously advanced a bill that would help fund the state's poorest school districts. [Trib]
  • A state senator wants to mandate motorcycle helmets until age 21. [Trib] [DNews]
  • A new bill would create a process for removal of public officials from office who are no longer able to perform their duties because of physical or mental health issues. [DNews]
  • The House voted to advance a bill to the Senate that would allow expanded research into medical uses of marijuana. [Trib] [DNews] [APviaKUTV]
  • The House voted unanimously in favor of a former teacher's legislation that would provide protections for teachers from abuse at the hands of students and parents. [Trib]
  • "Miley's bill," which would require the names of felony child abuse offenders to be included on a Utah registry for at least 10 years and up to a lifetime, is headed to the full House for consideration. [Trib]
  • The Senate Education Committee approved legislation calling on parents to play a greater role in raising awareness of bullying and on school districts to update their hazing policies. [DNews]

Rep. Hall's Legislation

I have several bills this session, here are a few:
  • HB86 - Inactive Voter Amendments - I am the chief sponsor of this bill. Passed the House 70-0.  Passed the Senate Government Operations and Political Subdivisions Committee 6-0. Sen. Karen Mayne is the Senate sponsor.  
This is a relatively simple bill which helps make sure that voters don't get kicked off the voter rolls due to a technicality.  I was asked by the Lt. Gov.'s Office to sponsor the bill and I am happy to help them achieve this goal.  
  • HB132 - School Bus Safety Requirements - I am the chief sponsor of this bill. Passed the House Transportation Committee 7-3. Bill was voted upon by the full House and failed 30-40.
This bill would require seat belts in new school buses (model year 2017 buses and newer).  I was first introduced to this issue when a friend of mine, while I was living in Texas, had a daughter who was seriously injured in a school bus that tipped onto its side while on their way to a soccer game. Two of her teammates died as a result of the accident.   

I appreciate all the feedback I've received regarding this bill.  I've been in close contact with the school districts discussing ways to improve the bill.  Thanks to all those who have reached out.  Here is an article regarding the bill: [SLTrib] State law currently allows early voting from two weeks before Election Day, until Friday before Election Day. This bill would extend early voting until Monday before Election Day.  I was asked by the Salt Lake County Clerk's Office to run this bill. This is a great bill which will give more options to Utah's voters.  Here's some press coverage regarding the bill. [SLTrib] This is a bill that clarifies how to determine damages in the event of securities fraud. I was requested by the Utah Attorney General's office to run this bill.   Administrative Law Judges adjudicate items when a citizen has a dispute with a government agency.  Currently there is no requirement for these judges to be law-trained.  These judges deal with issues that are legally complicated (health code, insurance code, etc.) and I believe it is best practice for these individuals to graduate from law school before they rule on legal rights for Utah citizens.
  • HB163 - Municipality Per Diem Amendments - I am the chief sponsor of this bill. Passed the House Political Subdivision Committee. Soon to be voted on by the full House.
There are hundreds of cities and towns throughout Utah. Each of them are capable of settling their own per diem rates.  This bill will cap the per diem rates at the State rate. This will help avoid excessive reimbursements to city officials throughout the State.

Town Hall Meetings!

We had our first Town Hall meeting on Saturday, January 28.  Thanks to those who attended and asked great questions.  I have two more Town Hall meetings scheduled during the legislative session.  All of the following Town Hall meetings will be at West Valley Library (2800 West 3650 South).
  • Wednesday, February 15, 2016, 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. (NOTE: This was erroneously listed as 7:00 - 8:00 earlier - The correct time is 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.)
  • Saturday, February 25, 2016, 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.  
Hope to see you there!

Please return your survey!

I have mailed a survey to constituents within District 33.  The answers you provide to these survey questions are invaluable.  Please, please, please fill it out and return! (Below is a photo of some of the paper surveys that have been returned!). I am very interested in your perspectives. Your comments and thoughts are greatly appreciated.  You can also take the survey online at if you prefer that method.  Thank you so much!

Ways to Contact Representative Hall

I make a concerted effort to reach out to all of my constituents.  For that reason, I use as many different forms of communication as possible.  Most of you have received mail from me.  I also have frequent town hall meetings (more on that above).  You can follow me online at  For even more frequent updates, you can follow me on Facebook at and/or on Twitter at  You are also welcome to call my cell phone anytime.  (801) 573-1774.  I will be in many meetings throughout the legislative session, so if I don't answer right away, feel free to leave me a message and I'll try to call back as soon as possible.  I will also be sending out regular updates via email.  Probably the quickest way to get ahold of me is by email.  My legislative email address is

Thanks for your support. Contact me anytime.

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